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Mallee Spirit
Lameroo Distillery


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Mallee Spirit

September 2022 we welcomed "Nelly" our beautiful new 260 Litre, 4 Plate column still produced by the fabulous Gowit of Downunder Still in QLD. Nelly has a new home in our disused shearing shed which is the now the distillery, we are roughly midway through developing it into a "Pop up" cellar door and event space. We have lots of exciting things in mind, making the most of our unique part of Australia.

We were lucky enough to partner with Garden Street Gin Club May 2023 with our signature "Myrtle Gin", it was a fantastic boost for us!! Huge thanks to all the team at Garden Street and their fabulous members, the sensational feedback left us proud and humbled.

Lemonchello (yes, spelt wrong) Sweet & zesty with a tart sherbet aftertaste. Great neat over ice or pour over a luxurious vanilla ice cream.

Myrtle Gin, A clean, fresh citrus gin, lemon myrtle is supported by fresh lemon & lime rind. The addition of aniseed myrtle and pink peppercorns add a subtle warm finish.

If you like things a little different (and why not!)

Spice Gin is exactly that - Star anise, cardamom and cinnamon steal the show, nicely balanced with fresh orange zest - but still a classic dry gin.


Strawberry, Subtle sweetness from the fruit, a hint of lavender provides a delicate floral note.


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Upcoming Events

  • SUNS Vs Jervois Lameroo
    SUNS Vs Jervois Lameroo
    Sat, 03 Aug
    03 Aug 2024, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
    Lameroo, Butler Terrace, Lameroo SA 5302, Australia
    03 Aug 2024, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
    Lameroo, Butler Terrace, Lameroo SA 5302, Australia
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Our Distillery

In the middle of a broad acre farm in Lameroo, the gin is distilled, bottled and labelled - ready for your next G&T. With the long term goal to use as many homegrown products as I can, I really hope to achieve the terroir of the Mallee in my distilled spirits.

About Me

My love of a gin and tonic began in the Adelaide Uni bar a few decades ago.

After many years of online shopping and distillery visits, my husband thought it a good idea to buy me a still! His clever plan was to save money by me making my own gin.

The plan did not quite work. Being obsessed about education, I enrolled in the Adelaide University Fundamentals of Spirit Production Course – a passion was ignited. After recognising all the legalities involved in producing an alcoholic spirit, I concluded that there was no way of just being a little interested - it was all or nothing.

Everything I produce is based on what I like, so thankfully I like a lot of things.

Living on a broad acre cereal cropping farm in the heart of the Mallee, a significant agricultural and horticultural food bowl with both the Riverland and Coonawarra within 2 hours, I have so many ingredients at my doorstep. My garden continues to evolve as I read about so many plants that can bring something special to my spirits.

Continuing to evolve my distillation skills, I want to embrace the “paddock to plate” or “grain to glass” philosophy, where the grain produced in the paddock is then used to produce a quality craft spirit.




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334 Schroeter Road
Lameroo, South Australia

Ron - 0477 906 414

We have no standard opening hours, please call if you want to come out and if we are home we are happy to see you!!

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